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  1. I think the Origin 125a is pretty fast , but right now I'm flying a MSR, and loving it so much I wish I could buy one. One of the other free flight ships is a Anvil Arrow, they may be the fastest, I reckon and I think Crusader is meant to be that hard to fly out of because it's a giant. I stay away from Orison for now. BTW, I changed the sex of my avatar, and playing as a woman for a change. The plays, it works, but it still get loading issues like clock work, every first time, i boot it up and every second time, it successfully loads.
  2. Game works now, but boy is it hard to fly out of Orison. AS my game still did crash after I froze in the Clouds of Crusader.
  3. I did everything Drum asked me to, and it did get rid of the notification about freeing up more memory. Last night, I reset my account and and still having problems getting back into the game. One difference was that it took me to change avatar screen and there I got some sort of error that did not allow me to change my avatar. I eventually begun reloading the game for Australian servers and after good while , it gave me a error that it timed out. This is error I usually get like clock work, every second time, I try to load the game. Every first time, it works, but not this time..... I will try reloading the game tonight.
  4. I do have a lot of things running in the background when ever I try to play the game, and always get that message when the game begins to load that I need to free up 8 giga bytes. So, I will look into freeing up the memory next time I try playing. Does this included internet pages? I tried that with the servers. I tried all of them. No, I haven't tried changing my characters gender yet, but before, I started having this problem I was altering my avatar, but never the gender. Yes, I thinking of resetting, but that wipes my character. All his purchases and money disappear then, don't they?
  5. According to that I think I pledge on the Colonel tier, but I don't think I have access to the Squadron 42 side of the game. Funny thing, they wrote "The Stars My Destination" after High Admiral and that's something I wrote in my account signature for Star Citizen. Because, I know that poem and of the novel. Yet, I don't have a Connie in my package at all. SO, Definitely don't have that.
  6. No, I don't have that in my drop down menu. What I do have is :- Civilian New Backer Scout Mercenary Bounty Hunter Colonel Freelancer Rear Admiral Aeon Club Epoch Society That's it. Now that you mention it that way, I 'm not sure what I got as a specific title tied to which ever tier I paid for. Maybe that's all I got and I'm not sure whether I backed it as a Kickstarter on another site or backed it on this on the official itself. (I think the official site wasn't opened at that time.) One thing I am sure of is that I didn't buy my account off of another player selling theirs. I'm sure my purchase was legitimate.
  7. BTW, I used to play the original Elite game with one of the Joystick controllers from my Atari 2600.....
  8. ....but I went ahead and logged out in the Aurora-Pathfinder I rented while doing a mission on Daymar (Sensitive Shipment) and now I think it's why I cannot get back into the game. Even when I managed to get the game loading, it still crashes back to the title screen after 10-15-20 minutes of loading. Would anybody like to advise me on how to go about fixing this?
  9. Last stick I brought.....I forget what it was exactly cause I left it at my father's place......... broke on me because it's made from plastic. You see, one of the buttons on top of the stick broke off. So, I would like to know if there is wide range of metal only throttles & joysticks?
  10. Could you send me a link to where they are selling Space Marshall for $5K. I haven't been able to find them. I know I didn't pay that much for a tier back then because, I just brought new computer for about $4K (back at the end of 2013) to play them on and I still have the computer thank goodness. I vaguely recall paying a lot of money to back Elite Dangerous (No, I'm not even regretting it at the moment despite how well things have been going for Frontier's number one game, because I was huge fan of the original Elite and was happy to give them that money, and the same goes for Star Citizen as well because I'm just loving their tech demo right now.) as well and I think it was more than what I payed for my piece of Star Citizen. I think I can tally how much I payed on both account pages and will give the final figures here. https://ibb.co/jW0wnYx https://ibb.co/x1NdRg2 Not sure if USD is more than POUNDS back then or at the moment.
  11. Free Flight on the 18th of this month, next week. Great, I relieved I have that much time to fix my problem. I may have to reset, and I'd really hate to do that at the moment, since, I almost have enough aUEC to purchase all the upgrades for my Anvil F7C-S Ghost Hornet. I'm certainly surprised that Space Marshall is now going for $5K, because, I'm sure I didn't pay that much for it back in the day. Much gratitude for all your assistance....
  12. I never noticed it much myself, but I haven't playing the game as much as I would like to. That is, I have only just started playing last month, since the end of last year because, my external hard rive containing the game died and couldn't otherwise fit the game on any of my other hard drives until now. Anyway, in the past, I have always noticed the Anvil insignia on the boarding side of the craft was just black smudge, on what must have been not quite so black background and now the insignia shows in it's glory. Although, there is a horrible glitch where the view screens from the cockpit appear in mid air before the appear where they should be after climbing into the pilots chair. Waiting for fix on that, in the mean time, I currently raising enough aUEC to fully upgrade my ship without compromising it's stealth function. [img]https://ibb.co/WPCYrtc[/img] [img]https://ibb.co/T89fg0X[/img] [img]https://ibb.co/g7QWdY4[/img]
  13. Not that I can find the exact information anywhere in my account, I believe I backed this game at the tier of Space Marshall (Hence my username!) if there is or was such a tier sometime in 2013, I think and purchased the Anvil F7C-S Ghost Hornet package. I came here looking for help because, I cannot currently get my game going. I have had numerous problems trying to launch the game and right now it just keeps crashing to the title menu. Which is something the game hasn't done before the 3.14 patch. I used to have no problems launching the game. Although I have always had game crashes. I 'd also like to know if there is a Free Flight Event this weekend and if so, then maybe that's why I can't get in, because every server is full. Perhaps...,but I'm also looking for the official Star Citizen forums when I found this one. Please give me link to that one if you can. 07
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