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  1. Image with melt price is added to the topic.
  2. No… 250 USD is without fees. Get in touch on Discord if you want to purchase :)
  3. Hi! Im keeping my account. But need some extra cash these days. Thats why Im selling. Well. Not exactly. But will sell directly through conversation on discord. While we talk, as soon as payment is in to paypal. I will gift the pack to the username you prefer. Just get in touch on Discord :)
  4. Im taking a break from StarCitizen for a while and want to sell my ship package. I was suggested to use this webpage for the sale by a fellow citizen. The exchange value of the package is 310 USD. And I want to sell for 250 USD (PayPal) Price is none negotiable. Paypal fees not included. The package can be gifted upon sale. Package includes: - Constellation Aquila (The price of standalone purchase for the Aquila is now way more than even 310 USD. So this package will give you way more than I'm asking for.) - SELF-LAND HANGAR - NOMAD - JACKAL PAINT - Lifetime Insurance - Star Citizen Digital Download - Starting Money: 1,000 UEC Contact me on Discord to purchase: SteveTheCruel#7565
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