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  1. Hello. I am quite new to the game but I originally bought a starter package several years back but didn't play much at all, because my PC at the time wasn't able to run it well. Now I'm back with a new PC and I see all these new things have come to the game and I have missed all the concept sales and whatever sales there was regarding ships. When I saw 600i, I really wanted to get that, but unfortunately I didn't see a possibility to get it. I would prefer to buy it to my account with real money so I will always have it on my account, no matter if the game is on alpha, beta or release version. I think it is buyable in game but if there are resets happening, that would probably mean I would have to grind money for one multiple times whenever they decide to wipe the progress. (also not to mention I don't have that kind of money and it probably costs insane amount in game currency) I see I can no longer get Origin 600i in any package or standalone ship if that ever was available as such. I have been learning about other ways to buy ships as in from other players from somewhere or page like star-hangar I found. How risky is it to buy ships from other players and is the website like star-hangar.com a good and safe site to buy? They at least claim to have some systems in place that scams should not happen, at least if it does, you should get your money back. First of all, have there ever been customization options to 600i if it was on sale, like the 300i or 315i has? So could you edit interior colors, etc, back then? Just wondering if people are selling 600i:s; if they are with different interiors or stuff. I know it has 2 editions though. Second question I have is regarding the editions. I am most tempted to get the Touring edition some day, but Explorer edition has some nice things though. Does the touring edition have any kind of vehicle cargo place at all? I have read that Explorer edition should come with some kind of vehicle as well; G12? I suppose Touring edition does not have vehicle with it and no place to store one? And if players are selling them, does all explorer editions come with G12 or is there some that don't? Third question is that some 600i:s that seem to be selling online are listed as "original concept" or something. Is there another versions out there or should there only be 2 versions; explorer and touring, no other possibilities? (executive edition excluded) Fourth questions is that are ship tradings "legit"? Is trading ships to other people like a clear feature or are they done by some shady tactic that might not be in terms of game rules? And is it possible to move a ship from other account to another? Not looking to buy some other account that has this ship. If I don't plan to change the ship to some other ship, it shouldn't matter if it's "CCU:ed" or "normal", right? The 600i with LTI would be a dream but doensn't time like go past the same way like in real life? Does 10 year insurance really take 10 years to last or how does it go? LTI ones are probably more expensive than other ones. Should I just buy one from someone or will it come back to sale sometime this year perhaps or anything? Thanks.
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