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  1. Ok, so its finger crossing until then hehe. thanks alot for the information
  2. Thanks for the information! Is it clear already if the LTI insurance on the idris P will cover the idris M loadout once its been "upgraded"? Or does it fall back to an idris P again if we dont insure the Idris-M on top of the idris P?
  3. Hey everyone! I know most idris-M's are already account-bound and they are very rare in general. Though if anyone has one left or wants to sell an account with one included let me know please
  4. Hey! Is the account still available?
  5. Hey everyone! My name is Simon (ingame Brosion), im 21 years old and live in Germany. Im a backer of Star Citizen since 2014, allthough ive just followed the news and state of development for most of the time but never joined an active Organisation until now. Becoming more and more active and involved with the game lately and having met some nice members of Imperium already, i decided to apply and become a part of the team. Thanks for accepting my application, I am happy to be here and am looking foreward to seeing the vision Star Citizen is taking shape together with you! Stay healthy everybody and see you in the verse! Simon/Brosion
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