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  1. Here from 4609, Star Citizen is still in development and is now considered a game set in middle ages. I already pre-ordered this game for its release in 2185. Can't wait...... I heard from Xfire blog that the collectors edition comes with an actual spaceship. The idea of unlimited exploration sounds good, until you realize there isn't anything to find and it's all just a pretty sky-box. I decided to just ask my friend about this game instead of listening to what sounds like a sales pitch.
  2. Hi i am john. i am new here . i am playing star citizen from long time and i love it. Star Citizen is one of the most immersive games I've ever played. Both Star Citizen and Escape From Tarkov are both games that, I feel, define what the future of gaming is going to be. Just these huge and ambitious open world games where the scale, beauty, and feel of the game just feel next.
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