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  1. Org: Quantum Jump Medical Specialization: Medical (combat and non-combat) Commitment: Casual Role Play: Optional Main Language: English Region/Timezone: PST-EST Operation Times: Mainly Nights and Weekends but always around Do you find satisfaction in helping others? Consider joining the home grown community here at Quantum Jump Medical. Quantum Jump Medical (QJM) is the largest dedicated medical and emergency services org with capabilities ranging from simple ISC placement and quick injury fixes, to complete medical support during a full out war. Founded by Spectre Ziegler in 2016, QJM has never lost focus on the mission; providing emergency services to whomever needs it. No fluff and no bluff, QJM is medical to the core. We have seen other medical orgs come and go as well as branch out into more of a freelance style org, but a jack-of-all trades is a master of none... and that's what sets us apart. QJM has affiliated with nearly 100 organizations to provide them an invaluable service, keeping them healthy so they can focus on their mission without worry. ATMO Esports exclusively relies on our ability at Quantum Jump Medical to show up and do our job well in order for them to host their amazing content for their viewers without the hiccups and headaches that usually come with injuries or deaths. With patch 3.15 incoming and bringing us to the new horizon of medical gameplay, we are opening our doors to all prospects who feel QJM is home for them. Activity will be ramping up with training as well as working with affiliated orgs and that means we have a wide range of openings within QJM. If you have any questions, please join our Discord. Links: Discord RSI Page Video
  2. KEUNSO is looking for fresh pilots to join in and build the foundation of the Organization. Our goal is to operate as a family and work toward the good of all members, as well as complete contracts for anyone looking for a bit of help outside the organization. I could never feel at home with any big orgs, you just get lost in the sauce with the hundreds of members all fighting to make a name for themselves. KEUNSO will guarantee you a place at the table, so you can voice your ideas and concerns. Organization Info Our org type is Freelance work, you do you! If you want to be a miner one day and a medic the next, have at it. You play as often as you want, there are no playtime requirements. Anyone is welcome to join. Currently looking for foundational leadership positions. Membership to be capped at 99 citizens. RSI: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/KEUNSO Discord: https://discord.gg/CMPujc4n7d
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