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  1. Oooh no way. Fun timing. I guess I'll be giving it a go! Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the response, it is quite detailed. Sounds like there is more coming that would add to what I'm looking for in gameplay. I like the idea of a reason to constantly battle (reclaim territory) other than gain wealth/grind materials. But that sounds quite distant I see that ship components have company branding which is cool and makes sense. I love customizing ships in ways you can notice (faster/ rickety etc), having physicalised components is cool if there's a logical mechanic to them. Solo missions is mostly what I'm limited to. Is there much diversity to them?
  3. I've been playing Elite in VR since it was free on Epic and though love its feel and concept, I don't love its raw gameplay. The more I look at Star Citizen, the more I realize it is the game I want (except for the FPS aspect, though it may as well exist if I'm a person), however half of the stuff that excites me is turning out to be years away! I know VR isn't supported (vorpx maybe?) but my GPU couldn't do it yet anyway. Would be perfect for it... What I am mostly looking for is a having fun with complex flight/space mechanics in a
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