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  1. TRUST ME. I'm right there with you. I want a gun with a ship attached.
  2. I decided against the Ion due to its use-case niche. The Ion is stated as being strong against Capital ships. With the new combat system in 3.14, I don't see the Ion being able to hold its own against more maneuverable fighters with more weapons onboard. This narrows its use-case even further for me as you'll need escorts for defense. It'll probably be very useful in ERTs and turn HHs into dust in seconds. The Scorpius is looking like a very capable fighter as a solo pilot and even better with a dedicated gunner on the remote turret. The turret also gives the ship a boost to defense given that it can shift positions and have much more outgoing fire coverage.
  3. Yeah I figure if I don't end up liking it, I've at least got an LTI token for something else. For right now though, I just need to get my hands on an R2 unit.
  4. Welp.....I went full dumb dumb. Lol We'll see how this works out.
  5. Currently, I believe the only multicrew ship I have is the MSR. I'd like to get some people together and do bounties and things next patch. Maybe get some more events together as well. Tough call. Ion is pretty niche and the Redeemer is very reliant on all guns manned. Hmmmm Maybe Scorpius is my best bet. Those wings really make me nervous though.
  6. With both ships potentially launching in 3.15, I'm looking to snatch one up. The Redeemer looks to be a hell of a gunship with the added prospect of having a bit of modularity in making it a dropship. The Ion is a Cap. ship destroyer (that sounds cool as hell). Plus it's a F**KING GUN WITH A SHIP ATTACHED. It could also be really useful for ERTs and/or events. Need some advice here my dudes.
  7. I've really been liking her videos as well. It leaves me worried though. ED players are new to SC and they're bringing a lot of positive reception to the game. I worry that over time, due to the speed of development, it'll bring even more negative reception. I watched a few ED streamers stream SC and maaaaaan some of the people were kinda getting on my nerves. People saying SC flight model wasn't as good as ED and it sucked there were only 60+ systems planned in SC compared to EDs billions. Trying to explain to them that fewer systems means more depth to each planet/system. I don't see the value in going to procedurally generated planet #23456789734 just to land at a barren wasteland of nothing and then leave. Nitpicky but they still call themselves CMDRs in SC...
  8. I'm seeing A LOT of videos and posts from/about ED players flocking to SC due to the awful state of Odyssey. I'm really enjoying watching new player's journey in the verse. I'm just curious, How do you feel about this? Has SC seen an adoption rate like this before? What do you think CIG will do with this increase of players and PR? Do you think this is overall positive or worry about it being negative due to the state of the game currently. Do you worry about the lack of "competition" regarding space sims?
  9. Awww bummer. 😕 I was about to dip my toe in with my MSR. GOD I hope salvage makes it in by then. My brain is numb from mining. lol Hur L3->Cru L1->Hur L3->Cru L1->Hur L3->Cru L1.....
  10. I JUST looked at the roadmap and Salvage T0 is back on 3.16 lol Maybe I missed it? I dunno. I'm pretty excited for salvage. Something different than mining. Haven't dipped my toe into cargo running at all yet.
  11. Yeah I decided against it due to the lack of LTI (warbond). The MSR has (or at least WILL have) a lot more utility so I can't justify a melt or upgrade at this point. I did however go full dumb dumb and get my hands on a Vulture with LTI (Used a Freelancer Dur token I had sitting around) because last I looked at the roadmap, Salvage was on the table for 3.17. Now however....it's been pushed off. Live and learn.
  12. The storage and potential income from data running (eventually) is really nice from the MSR BUT, the style and large SCU storage of the Railen is looking really enticing, not to mention the LTI. Having trouble deciding on if melting the MSR and going with the Railen is a good call. EDIT: Disregard. I'm dumb and forgot it's Warbond for LTI which makes it a little less appealing now.
  13. What others have said, definitely go with dual sticks. I'm using the VBK Glad (right stick) and a Thrustmaster T16k (left stick, also looking to get another VKB Glad). Left stick is for strafe left right up and down as well as thrust forward and back and the right stick is for looking and roll. Works great. Was using the logi rudders but it was too cumbersome for me and I'm gonna sell em. But yeah go dual stick!
  14. Yeah it's a huge bummer. I got it to work earlier today after completely wiping every trace of the game but now it's back to the Red Screen. Guess I'll wait for the next update and hope it works then.
  15. For those of you that may remember me, I was quite active a few months back. Probably around the Xeno Threat event. Annnnnyway... Just after that event, as well as upgrading my flight stick to a VKB Gladiator (it's reallly nice btw) I've been unable to launch the game. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, renamed p4k.old, etc etc and I'm still getting the dreaded Red Screen of Death. So that's what's been goin on with me. Oh and I recently moved (nightmare). Hope you folks are having a better time than I. o7
  16. I would go with the Nomad tbh. It's a great starter ship. Combat capable, decent starter SCU space and comes with a living space as well.
  17. If you're on the fence on whether or not to back and give the "game" a go, there are occasional Free Fly events where anyone can try SC for free. It's a great opportunity to get in, fly some ships and all around get a feel for what the "game" has to offer at that point in time. Gives you a chance to seriously consider backing. EDIT: @clone63 As an addition, if you buy a cheap package to get into the Verse, I'm sure there are plenty of us who would be more than willing to let you test fly some ships.
  18. I want one of these so bad I can taste it. The hot lead and death this thing will dish out.
  19. Oh I totally understand. It's absolutely personal taste. ESP is supposed to decrease your sensitivity when aiming close to a target. Maybe that would help with staying on target with HOTAS/HOSAS. I have yet to try it out myself. I keep forgetting. At the end of the day, whatever helps you take down your target is the best choice.
  20. I dusted off my old Nexus 7. Glad it's getting some use. lol But yeah it's pretty handy. I really like the power controls it gives you. Boosting pips to shields and weapons on the fly is really nice.
  21. https://gameglass.gg/products/launch-bundle "GameGlass allows you to connect your devices to your gaming PC to help control and improve your gaming experience. Intuitive, immersive, well thought out designs make GameGlass feel like a natural extension of your games." I've been fooling around with it for a few days and there's some useful stuff for sure. It really helps with freeing up binds and adds a little extra "ImmmERRRsSSSiiIIIIIiiion". If you've got a tablet lying around, I'd recommend trying it out.
  22. Really you don't recommend a joystick? Hmmm I just got my hands on 2 T16Ks and I find the control way more precise (after tweaking dead zones and things admittedly). Mouse is definitely easy to use but I had a really hard time with maneuvering with KB. Executing 180 burns and hard banks was a pain on KB. In the end, to each their own.
  23. Been away from SC since 2015. Came back to see what's new and now there's a new level of hype. My future vision for SC Being a part of a large fleet. Fighting off other fleets for control of resources and system(s). Fighting massive ground wars utilizing the power of said fleet (Air battles, drop ships, tanks, ground forces, etc). Org members working together to expand power and influence. Fleet includes Anvil Arrow (light fighter) CNOU Nomad (Decent cargo) MISC Prospector (Cred generator) Hardware Ryzen 7 2700x GTX 1060 6GB (Damn bots keeping my 3060 from me) 32 GB RAM Corsair k65 with Utech Venus PRO mouse Thrustmaster t16000m FCS (thinking of going dual stick) Enough BS with SC and Hardware, Who the hell are you?! I'm a really chill guy tbh. I don't take most things seriously and I just try to have a good time. I've got the body of Peter Parker and the mouth of Wade Wilson. I'm a competent gamer (though not a great dog fighter, yet). I've just gotten back into SC as stated above and kind of dove right in. Got some ships and a stick/throttle and started practicing. As I started taking the game more seriously and my hype level rose, I decided I should probably find an Org to bring my vision to closer to fruition. I'm open to questions. Any at all. I'm not shy.
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