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  1. Hmmm, thanks. I will take a look at upgrading, but the 980TI is only 5 years old, and benchmarks about the same as a 1070. In 2015 it was actually one of the best cards you could buy. I don't have any issues playing even brand new games for the most part at 30+ fps. Is Star Citizen just extremely demanding?
  2. I have been wanting to get into this game for a bit now and just downloaded and started trying to. The problem I am having is that the games performance is absolutely atrocious. Totally unplayable... Tons of stuttering and low (like 10 or less) FPS on what I think is at least a decent computer. Even on medium settings... CPU: AMD 9590 AM3+ GPU: EVGA Nvidia 980 Ti Memory: 32GB DDR3 Game Drive: Samsung 860 Evo I mean my setup is a few years old but its not so hopelessly crap that I shouldn't be able to run this, but I totally cant use the game, the performance is totally useless.
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