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  1. there's a new Nvidia driver out, and a new client build. Update and give it another try the Nvidia driver update is to fix a security threat, but i've noticed a very minor improvement FPS since updating.
  2. A mix of all really, but at the moment, i'm focusing more to mining, but exploration is the ideal My ideal is to find a steady crew and really have some fun. Be it in the roleplaying sense (as i'm a very long term roleplayer) or just in the playing the game sense as I love all things scifi. I'm not so great at FPS, but will gladly pick up my rifle to defend my friends. Just to add, thank you all for your kind welcomes
  3. Hi all, I've submitted my app via the RSI site. Hope to be a part of something cool and meet new people I'm in my 40s and based in Scotland. Looking forward to flying along side you Vel.
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