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  1. This is why I'm sticking with the bog standard 'Lancer despite the attraction of the other variants and ships. This 'bucket o' bolts' will be with me thru thick and thin... Plus, if I came in that, I'm braver than I think! ...may even be worthy of a certain Princess ><
  2. Dying from lag more than anything. All graphics settings lowest possible. I'm on 4mb DSL tho...suxx. Ships and missiles just popping everywhere....
  3. Are you guys saying we can't upgrade a base model ship to a Ghost or DUR variant (non unique hull variant) by buying parts in the PU instead of buying the upgrade package?
  4. According to the bar scale, apart from firepower, the MIS and DUR models also has a slight increase in thrust and shields over the stock model. I hope these are in the form of high end modules commensurate with the value of the upgrades. If so, then the DUR might be the most value for money.
  5. Going by these pledge rates, it would seem that weapons will be a big money sink in the PU. Think about it, for USD55 pledge money, we get the auto-loaders and missiles. For USD15, we get the super jump engines, extra fuel and navigation sensor suite. I shudder to think how much the auto loaders and extra missiles will be worth in the PU (in terms of effort to acquire).
  6. Mmmm....56 missiles.... 56 swarm/cluster missiles?
  7. Morpheus

    Ship Repair

    With the EVA demo for the DFM, it would make sense to include repairs and combat in the list of things we can do whilst outside. Perhaps hiding in an asteroid belt to make quick repairs would make an interesting game mechanic and add to the tension and realism....
  8. Morpheus


    Alas, a worthy adversary for the Khartu?
  9. RMFIF! = Real Men Fight In Freighters! Welcome!
  10. Wondering when the Khartu-al is gonna get some love from CIG. From resource priority perspective, probably a long while to go...if the owner base is smaller compared to the other more popular and mainstream ships. Seeing the Scythe in PBR just makes the wait feels longer....I hope they at least give it some alien texturing/skin.
  11. I'll just stick to the base design (minus chin boobs) and mix and match some of the DUR/MIS parts in PU later.....(except the chin boobs part). Spend the $ on a Mustang instead to continue supporting development.
  12. There are what looks like nacelle covers or exhaust mufflers on the DUR model. I wonder if these are to reduce heat signature or improve handling via thrust vectoring...There's also that dome on top mid section, which looks a lot like the dome on the Ghost Hornet. EW variant? Or maybe stealth bombers!?
  13. Look at the size of the 'heavy' fighter...vis-a-vis the scythe! I'll be heading in the opposite direction if I encounter one....
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