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  1. Yup like Power Said total account value is 180$ i did the math wrong in my first post basicly what you get is : - Mustang starter pack 45$ - +135$ of credit to updgrade to a better ship or Buy one more ship :) - random item for birthday etc etc im lowering Price to 85$ just now :) im trying real hard to give someone a gift right now 😂
  2. Bump Guys you can make reasonable offer i could consider it , if you have a Friend that want to Play with you 🤷
  3. Hi all, Like the title suggest we just g ot our baby, sweet baby girl and well i dont think ill be able to even play a little so i would like to sell my account. I have couple freebie for my past birthday and a mustang starter package on it + 135USD$ store credit so total value of the account right now is 165USD$. Since i dont really sale to make any kind of profit or anything im letting it go for a 100USD$ that way a new player can get in with a nice ship !! hit me up if interested and we can setup the trade !! Jonathan.
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