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  1. Selling my account with Rear Admiral LTI with Constellation Andromeda game package. The game package is giftable and with many items linked under the account. $400
  2. Get the 64-bit version, it works great on games that cant be used with MSI Afterburner or Fraps, DCS for example.
  3. TrackIR is a must...unless SC goes the way of acade space shooter with 3PV enable.
  4. US pilots complained about lack of tactile feedback when they implemented force sensing flightsticks on their fighter jets and subsequently replaced with force sense sticks with a bit of feedback. Personally on my X52 Pro, the trigger gives out loud clicks to distinguish the 2-stage trigger ( a good way to fire Class1 and Class1+Class2 weapons). But when I'm on my headphones, I can barely feel or hear anything so a little bit of feedback is good. One of few complaints by me about the X52 Pro.
  5. I think they are good enough judging from reviews by flight simmer community. The sticks are replicas of some current Russian jet fighters' flight stick.
  6. X52 Pro is one the cheapest around. Of course I would love to get the Warthog if I've got the money. BTW I don't think SC will be like X-Wing vs Tie Fighter where a joystick controller is required to play the game lol..- if they go down this route I think CIG will alienate many people and lotsa will be angry although personally I vouch for this haha for the immersion.
  7. If you plan to buy joystick or HOTAS JUST FOR SC, I suggest to put on hold first an see how the DF module turn out. I have the feeling SC will be less of a simulation/immersion and more to mouse arcade type of game to appeal to the mass. For examnple, in War Thunder us stick users are at severe disadvantageous in Arcade Battle mode due to over precision of mouse. Only in Full Real Battle mode, mouse aim is disabled and can only be played by stick users. If SC disable mouse aim, but using mouse cursor to emulate joystick movement on screen I think only stick users will have fairer chance against mouse users. For space sim a HOTAS without rudder pedal is enough. Rolling can be applied to the twist stick function. In normal atmospheric flight, it's hard to take off with rudder control on the twist stick and the twist stick axis can bleed into the pitch axis so that's why a separate controller like rudder pedal is required. Mapping to keyboard will only kill the immersion experience in a flight sim. While executing maneuvers, the slightest input on unintended axis will send your plane to flat spin and come crashing down - enlarging the deadzones will only decrease the accuracy and precision. For that extra 2 movements in 6DOF that isn't available in atmospheric flight, heave (vertical up down) and sway (horizontal left right), I think it will be easier if mapped to a hat switch on the throttle if you have a HOTAS or a hat switch on the joystick if you don't have throttle. So if you play flight sim and space sim like SC - go get HOTAS and rudder pedal. Only space sim - probably joystick, probably HOTAS. In space sim by default - pitch and yaw is mapped to the stick by default. Atmospheric flight - pitch and roll to the stick. Yaw to rudder pedal or twist stick.
  8. Welcome from across the causeway up north.
  9. I don't think you need a rudder pedal unless you're really into flight sim (atmospheric). It is easier to execute maneuvers if we can separate rudder control from the flight stick. From the SC video clips, the yaw axis is mapped to the main flightstick just like any space sim. Definitely will be supported as the rudder pedal will be like any controllers, you can map any axis or keys to it.
  10. Dilemma, I like the look of 300i ships but with the latest development definitely worthwhile to upgrade to SH, and melt my 325a.
  11. K CPU is nice if you are adventurous enough you go far with it. Check this page out if you trust the Windows score my overclocked 3570K (4.5ghz) is ranked higher than some with i7 and higher tier CPU/RAM. I'm using a normal 8GB 1300Mhz memory stick. Maybe also is due to hardware optimization by Windows 8 Pro who knows.
  12. I own X52 Pro and play flight sims and I can recommend it as one of the cheaper cool looking HOTAS you can lay your hands on. Check this out, looks like Warthog and I'm salivating. VKB Fat Black Mamba joystick http://flightsimcontrols.com/store/joysticks/vkb-fat-black-mamba-for-non-eu/ And a cheaper model. Defender Cobra M5 Joystick http://flightsimcontrols.com/store/joysticks/cobra-m5/
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