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  1. Thanks folk for the replies. I think a little research is in order for me before I attempt it again. But glad that the community cares and offers help.
  2. Thanks. This is the sort of info that they are not really giving us.
  3. Hi folk. I bought the game some time ago but had problems with it at the time. I thought I would give it another go but Im more confused now than I was before. I expected to start in the starport in space but found myself in a city (Stanton). That was the first confusion. I eventually found the means to transport to get to the starport by wondering around aimlessly as I could find no sort of built in map to help beginners. When I got to the spaceport, I discovered I have 2 ships not the one I remember when I started. So I selected the one I know I own and entered the ship. After spending ages
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