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  1. Debonair

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    I have not gotten it yet for my P. As if i do it would make me Space Marshall tier. With recent developments and stability improvements I have now gotten around to investigate, and test all the various weapons and size affects. Ultimately I see outfitting my P as the long term objective that my own fleet and friends ships will help do.
  2. Debonair

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    From Concierge reply they forward this: Idris-K Questions The upgrade kit is not a traditional upgrade, but a kit containing the load-out to update your P into a K. The kit is ONLY for the Idris-P. Kits are available as Credit and Warbond. As mentioned in the email, if a kit is desired in the future by an Idris-P owner, please contact support in order to obtain one. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/7/thread/concierge-services-update
  3. Debonair

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    The WB price of $250 should stay even after this sale is over init. The wording was existing Idris-P would be badged for perpetuity(forever).
  4. As part of my consideration for the Santok.Yai I tested the Khartu-Al. As I was leaving Lorville atmo i realised the KA HUD was broken, bugs already reported. What a shame. But i feel attracted to it then this morning I realized why its due to the B5 EarthForce Star Fury: Actually I pledged the warbond just before i went to sleep last night.
  5. Can anyone remember the price of the carrack on the anniversary sale ? it will open again coming Friday.
  6. You could have called FC @JoraM Darkblade he can get on a jet to HK at a moments notice.
  7. I sent a concierge ticket last night. Revised plan is to melt my Carrack USD 350 (ungiftable) instead of the Redeemer USD 265 and either of Herald USD 85 or M50 USD 80. I'm wondering if later I would be able to unmelt my Carrack with Euros 280 instead of USD 350 ?
  8. Debonair

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    I already have an Idris-P. Can i melt it for an Armada pack ?
  9. Now I read somewhere that i cant melt my Idris-P for store credits, Gotta send a concierge ticket to book my enquiry since this armada pack lasts 48 hrs since livestream.
  10. Yes, @syrius that M50 is LTI. I'm using it as an example as I actually have some other ships LTI that im undecided with.
  11. I've been pledging since the 6 Million Dollar mark. Now I'm thinking about consolidating my fleet and getting the Armada pack due to the Euro being a better value for me than the USD once i convert to my local currency Malaysian Ringgit. Say i melted these 7 ships below which were pledged in USD would get me about USD 2245 and then i melt my Vanguard Warden pledged in Euros 200. Would I have the store credits to pledge for the Armada pack in Euros 2000 or would I have to do it either all in USD or Euros ? Super Hornet , USD 165 Retaliator , 250 Gladiator , USD 150 Herald , USD 85 M50, USD 80 Idris-P, USD 1250 Redeemer , USD 265 Vanguard Warden, Euros 200 Later I intend to CCU the Starfarer-G from the pack to a Redeemer. Heard you can CCU ships in a pack, true ?
  12. I was F5 since 15 mins it hit the hr, at the standalone page for it on my friends account as he had to catch a plane. It just stayed 0 left. Wasn't confident anyway
  13. I will maintain my Idris-p, and eyeing a Carrack. I know my my buddy says he's gonna get the jav, problem for him is that he is busy traveling.
  14. Having the Idris-P previously i skipped the MM and was dead on to get a Carrack. But now the price is $345 got me considering the MM too else time to melt. Definitely keeping Andromeda as my 1st pledge ship. Starfarer, Redeemer, Herald or Cutlass Blue upgrade (no Cutlass atm) looks vulnerable to the melting block.
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