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  1. Thanks buddy 😎 I'm also into drone stuff btw 😏
  2. Hi Folks! Didn't find any lyrics clip about this great tune (and great drone clip btw): 0:42 my buddy (IMO misheard lyrics stuff) think its "I need a killer" - don't think so - correct lyrics?
  3. Thx buddy - I'll check out the reliant mako 😉 Edit: Did not find any dort of "get ship" icon. How do I purchase?
  4. Hi Folks! I started many many (*g*) years ago as (golden ticket) backer, but never had a pc fast enough to handle Chris Robert's Game. But the other day I got my ryzen 5 3600 + gtx 1660 super stuff, and SC runs great. Just tried to learn all the 10000 key commands of sc so far *g* Did a little flying around and a video.... BTW: Love to fly also my drones (DJI Phantom 1.1.1, Mavic Pro (1)) and doing clips - this is also a sort of space ship - got the size of a star destroyer *g*
  5. Thx *g* Advanced camera view (F4+ left, right, up, down) to get the ship out of the screen...
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