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  1. Nice one, but what about the price? Is it any similar to the ones that can be found at https://mmoauctions.com/archeage/accounts? Am asking, cause am not sure about the service, but the prices are great there. On the other hand, your offer seem very decent, and would be sure to go along with it if only the price was right. I want to play ArcheAge so badly, so would appreciate if we could do this nice and quick. How can I PM you? Where do I find this option good sir?
  2. Cool account! If you know anybody who's also selling bdo accounts or you have some other to sell please let me know. I've been meaning to buy an account for over a week now and been in contact with all of the sellers at https://mmoauctions.com/black-desert-online/accounts, but they don't give away their prices for a reason. Once I contacted them, each of them wanted like over 1k of dollars. Am okay with spending several hundreds, but not over a 1k, I'll leave that to some more rich folks ;) Besides, by the looks of your description you seem like a decent seller, so again, please let me know if you can. Thx.
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