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  1. I'm looking to sell my account, spent $2532 on it. Melt value of the ships and the Store credit = $2206 PRICE I’m looking for is $2000 There is a few buyback ships from last years IAE There is also lots of subscriber Items in the Hanger and Buyback Ship List Anvil Carrack Expedition with C8X Pisces (RSI Ursa Rover Included)- LTI Origin 600i Touring ( Name Reservation) - LTI Crusader Ares Inferno - LTI Drake Cutlass Black BIS - LTI Aegis Reclaimer BIS - LTI MISC Prospector - 6 Months Banu Merchantman - 10 Years Crusader Mercury Star Runner - LTI Anvil Arrow - 10 Years Origin G12r - LTI Buyback Ships Drake Cutlass Red - IAE Aegis Sabre Comet - IAE Drake Dragonfly Yellowjacket - IAE Account Contents Store Credit - $91 UEC - 35,000 REC - 280,000 All Dates and Ship names have been removed to protect the account I will only Accept Verified PAYPAL PM if interested
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