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  1. If still looking for names... You can use my name: Shadow Wing. I am In the Military. (combat aerial) Bridge Officer, Commanding Officer (CO) of the Bengal Carrier ISS Gallitin, (if i had it my way in PU 😂) I am with the 205th Capital Battlegroup (Nova Core) and i wish to be Human in your novel (and would not mind but actually very much like it if you write my character as cunning as Erwin Rommel a.k.a The Desert Fox...... my real last name includes: "Fox" no joking 😂 ) and as way of character as a mix of: -Admiral Bishop (professional and straight to the point with no BS) -John De Lancie (in his antics & humor) during down /relax time -Admiral McRaven like in here:
  2. **REMOVED: my list has been replaced as of 03/10/2021 to: Imperium Official Ship name list **
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