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  1. Well the spaceport is one of my fave locations on foot in all of the verse. Not because it looks nice. It doesn't. It has a very industry feeling to it. But because of the spaceship showcase. You can clime in and look around all different types of ships. From the Aurora to the Hammerhead. With a vendor close by if you wish to purchase one of the mane ships or ground vehicles on offer. However if the price is too much there is also a rental service near by. This is also where I flew my first new ship. A Prospector rental for just 40k for 1 day
  2. MaxPSVR

    Hi all

    Hi all. I've been a fan of Star Citizen for years now but only just started last weekend. Long story won't bore you here. im currently looking to be part of a crew on a mining ship like the mole one hopefully the Orion when it launches. Also when the mechanic skill comes out I'll be heavy involved in ship repairs and maintenance. A grease monkey of the verse. I'm also interested in exploration as I would like to speak out new life and new civilisations. Im not that interested in combat as I don't really have a computer for it. But I'll be happy to jump behind a turret. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing you guys in the verse
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