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  1. Not sure yet but if emp mines become a thing the Nautilus will be very strong at disabling enemy fleets
  2. Assuming mines can detect mines, also mineception
  3. If the Nautilus can deploy mines at speed it opens up the possibility to disrupt enemy lines buy charging through and basically bombing them with the explosive mines. Used together I can see a fleet of Nautiluses and Polarises overwhelming even large threats
  4. Thanks I'll keep that in mind, I'll probably get the upgrade but like you said hold onto it until later
  5. yeah iv been doing some reading around the web the last hour and I might keep the BMM and get the Nautilus as a upgrade for something else maybe a Connie.
  6. So iv been thinking about the Nautilus and Polaris and their use in fleet combat and it dawned on me that the Nautilus while weaker in fire power may be the better ship for offensive campaigns, The Polaris is limited buy its 2 medium size fuel tanks and 2 large shields while the Nautilus has a large fuel tank and 3 large shields this means that in offensive campaigns where supply lines maybe a issue a ship with more fuel allows a more flexibility and the ability to stay in a battle longer, the increased shields also help as shields regenerate as opposed to armour that requires repair. I believ
  7. so iv got a merchantman and am woundering if I should upgrade to a polaris or nautilus?
  8. hi im just got star citizen I hope to join Imperium
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