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  1. whats so funny?

  2. Selling this account as is. Includes the following ships: Carrack Explorer Edition Origin 85X LTi Origin G12 Rover Mercury Star Runner Ares Ion Hercules Starlifter M2 Banu Merchantman Aegis Sabre Argo Mole Account Value: $2700 USD Sale Price: $2000 USD Payments are accepted via Stripe. A link will be sent to you where you can make your payment.
  3. I'm selling my Star citizen account and all ships within. Price has already been discounted and none negotiable. Account includes: Anvil Carrack Expedition Origin 85x Origin G12 Aegis Sabre Argo Mole Crusader Mercury Star Runner Aegis Eclipse Crusader Ares Ion Crusader Mercury Starlifter M2 Banu Merchantman These ships add up to $3000 USD and I'm selling the account in total for $2600 USD. Payments only accepted by Stripe, not paypal.
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