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  1. Just tested, found out, I only need to send it to an alternative email. Worked like a charm. Tested with a cheaper ship first to make sure the gifting ability didn't disappear after cancelling the gift.
  2. I haven't sold any ships before, so I can't be 100% sure how it works. If it pops up a message right before it get transferred that this item can't be gifted or something. But for everything I can test, it looks possible. But as I said, should this happen I would of course refund the money. My javelin dosen't have the giftable option.
  3. Hi, yes the ship is still for sale. It should be, it says I can gift it, why I posted the screenshot as well. Of course, should there be anything blocking the transfer, I would of course refund the money. This is one of the original 100 Idris-M from 2012 that is giftable.
  4. After a discussion in another group, I have understood that 3500$ is a more fair price, so, I'm lowering the price to 3500$
  5. Hi. I'm looking to sell my Idris-M, this is one of the very few 100 originals left from 2012 that still is giftable. That means, yes you can now get an Idris-M at your account. I was told I could get over 4000$ for this ship as it is so rare. So I'll be asking 4000$ for it. Listed several places.
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