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  1. I do, I use a combination of capital and lowercase letters, numbers and different characters such as !@#$%^*& I use email authentication to recover the account. Are you saying I should try using different characters in my passwords?
  2. I got this game back in April 2019, played for a few days then lost interest. Had some friends decide to get back into it so I decided to try to play again New Years Eve. I re-downloaded the launcher and wasn't able to log in. I went to the website and tried and that failed as well. I did the account recovery and changed the password. That got me into the website but I was still unable to log in to the launcher. I've repeated these steps multiple times, tried following the help guides from the support section including deleting the user folder in the game directory. It's the same thing every time. Website login fails, launcher login fails. Account recover, change password. Able to get in to website, launcher fails. If I log out of the website and try to log back in, it fails. Submitted a support ticket, but no response yet. Hoping someone here might have an idea how to fix this. I'll try to attach screen grabs of the errors I get.
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