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  1. Did you get all your questions sorted out and end up buying a 600i? If not I might be able to help you. Cheers
  2. HoodlumX25

    Want to Sell Polaris w/ LTI

    Wondering if still forsale?
  3. Did you ever end up selling it?
  4. Depends on your shields, google Erkul in google and get your loadout up on there and see what your power usage is. This is my current loadout and you can see I have 1 power to spare but if I change the mirage shield to an Fr-66 I would use the Overdrive gen instead due to power generation and startup time. P.S. make sure you have shields set to charging when checking power usage, shields switch to idle when at full and don't give a true power usage reading lol. https://www.erkul.games/calculator;loadout=W3sicyI6MzN9LHsic20iOlsyMSw5XX0seyJzdyI6W1s4MCw4MF0sWzc5LDc5XV19LHsibSI6WzUsNV19LHsidyI6WzI2LDI2XX0seyJtciI6WzcsN119LHsibWkiOls0LDRdfSx7InNoIjpbMjksMjhdfSx7InBwIjpbMjVdfSx7ImMiOlsxMiwxMl19LHsicSI6WzIwXX1d Hope this helps!
  5. Be careful it currently has 2 shield holes that I know of, both above and below the cockpit from the front, explains why I was dying randomly from full health lol. Love the ship though!
  6. Hello, is this still for sale?
  7. Looking to buy the F7A military upgrade but not break the bank. Please PM me if you have one your looking to sell! I know they are rare but when they were onsale they sold for 20$ so please be kind to my wallet lol. Thank you for taking a look.
  8. Hello would you accept 100$ USD. I would love to carry on your idea and place it on my Super Hornet
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