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  1. what a coincident to see CryptoKing here selling cheap stuff. he wanted to trade with me, the trophys i am looking for, on january 13, same day as andromeda trade i won't post PMs here but if i have to i will he said he has the trophys that i am looking for and then he said after two weeks he does not have them, he wastes time and is not reliable because i asked him if he has that specific trophys and he said yes, then i asked for the price and then he asked what i would pay for it, pretty annoying so i knew after the first two days he does not have shit. i would pay more to be on the safe side tbh he is not a trader he may look for money quick and does not know how to, so if you trade with him, only paypal with detailed invoice, do NOT gift money as security, security is provided by hangar logs and paypal if you do not get what is written on the invoice you complain at paypal, and always check what item has been sent to you via email befor clicking on the link to redeem.
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