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  1. Hi, I'm selling Star Citizen store credits at a value of 65% . If you buy more than 315 usd I'll discount -4% of the total deal. I only do this deal with invoices. Private message me pls if you are interested.
  2. I have two very rare Hartwell Music Sentinel 88G pianos from Star citizen on sale. Each being sold at 250 usd (including pp invoice fees) - PM me for a deal.
  3. I’m selling rare lti and 2 year modules for the Retaliator . Dropship LTI for 150usd Torpedo front bay 24 month insurance for 150 usd Torpedo rear bay 24 month insurance for 120 usd they selling fast so contact me if interested, paypal fees +4%.
  4. Hi, I’m such a newbie , I placed this on complete sale by mistake . I have all modules besides front living . If you wish for front cargo I got it .
  5. I’m selling my rare lti ship packages , pm me if you are interested .
  6. Hi Astro , Three years ago I chatted with the idea first on rsi chat about a mobile market station and our dreams came true with our Kraken Privateer ! With a Privateer you can add two Vulcans to Repair, rearm and offer store upgrades to bigger ships while having a hull-c & hull-b nearby for cargo hauling and planet side trading. A medivac nearby for medical services and AUGments surgery from stores. The possibilities of the Privateer in vanduul space are endless if combined with the Pioneer !
  7. I’m selling rare lti and 2 year modules for the Retaliator . 1. Rear and Front Cargo modules each for 69 usd 2. Rear and Front Living modules each for 69 usd 3. Rear and Front Torpedo Bays each for 99 usd 4. Dropship for 125 usd they selling fast so contact me if interested! Oh and I advice to not send as services on paypal, because if you send as friend its instant purchase of item with your money! If you do send as services then you must add the paypal fees +4%.
  8. Hi Chaos, I got all rare lti modules i.e. cargo rear, cargo front, living rear, living front, dropship and 2 year insurance torpedo rear and front - interested? I sell cargo and living each for 69 usd. The dropship I sell for 125 usd and the torpedo modules I sell each for 99 usd. If Interested let me know. If you need people to vouch for me I know a few in discord that I've done trading with this couple of days. Best Regards, UB
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