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  1. Roleplaying is purely optional! We also need Officers and higher ranks of all positions! Join today! Be a SCION!
  2. (Casual Org with Roleplay elements for a fun experience for everyone. PVE and PVP!) WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR ALL OFFICER POSITIONS PLEASE PM! DIscord: https://discord.gg/YCZKcsv RSI Page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TALS Divisions: Nameless Division -Those who don't join a division/default division -Directly led by the CEO/board -Covers all professions and most respect for members in Nameless -Uses a rank system similar to military. Development Division -Led by the Logistics Team -Includes science, cargo, exploration, repair, medical, etc. -Lawful neutral -"House system" for ranks Talscion Wardens -Led by the Commanders/Admirals -Lawful combat and defense - all aspects of combat whether it be ground, vehicle, navy, army, etc. -Uses a rigid military rank structure Human Development Sect (HDS) -Led by the Human Resources Department - doesn't listen to most other divisions -Half lawful half unlawful -Bounty hunting, sometimes piracy, hacking, data/information/spies -Once you become an Agent after ranking up, you can decide to go to the "unlawful" side with a different rank and role Image for Company a WIP
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