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  1. I might be biased but NHI (REIGH-11-87) is a pretty chill group. Also worth saying that every year at the end of November and beginning of December there are some really good ship sales to get into SC, but join the NHI discord and you can talk about CCU's melting and everything else. Basically save any big purchase till late in the year, but there are ways to get a package now, and "reinvest" it to get a discount on what you actually want.
  2. For comparison I have a 3900x and a 2080ti, my CPU sits at like 80% usage and my gpu at 100% to get 50fps in city areas and 80 in space. Couple things I can see, your CPU is over 6 years old now and of a core architecture which was notorious for having a class action lawsuit where AMD refunded everyone who bought a chip. It is very much more than underpowered for a game like star citizen. Consider the current chips are more than twice as good in single core, and the top performing chips (5950x) also have twice as many cores. It is also common right now that new cpus use ram that is
  3. Garrett42

    Ongoing Discussion AMD 5000 series / Zen 3 Details

    I would like to say I have a good understanding of AMD chips, I am a huge nerd and bit the bullet for you on the 3000 series. I have a 3900x which is basically the entry level to the fully realized chiplet design. Basically the X900x is going to be 2 X600x chips with some special sauce connecting them. Due to how the silicon lottery works you get twice the change of getting a golden chip, because you have two of them. This means the 900 and 950 series are guaranteed to be "above the curve" of non dual chips. There is also a rumor that AMD purposely pairs golden and non golden chips up with the
  4. Is asteroid mining back in 3.11 or is it still bugged? I did a moon mining run and it would just drift after leaving the pilot seat.
  5. Not sure if anyone has had this but I just got back on to do more star citizen and it appears the mole drifts when switching to the center turret to mine. Unless someone has a solution I guess I will have to find people to mine with
  6. I think thats the idea for the refiner ship though, it lurks around and picks up bags as the prospectors and moles drop them to refine and then transport to stations.
  7. Hello! I am a new arrival to the star citizen scene and absolutely love this game so far. I am 23 years old and an Industrial Engineering major. (statistics, logistics, organizational flexibility, even some coding) I am rather competitive in my gaming and also like playing in groups. Feel free to HMU for crewing your larger ships!
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