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  1. Wings might not have any practical use on a spacecraft, as they use thrusters/antigrav etc. for atmospheric flight, but they sure as hell look good
  2. New video on the RSI site with interview of Chris about the game. Check out time marker 00:53 of the gift Imperium sent to Chris
  3. Can't wait to take this baby for a spin around a gas giant.
  4. Hey mate, welcome to Imperium it's good to see our time zone's numbers going up
  5. I purchased them from http://www.qwerkeys.co.uk/shop/
  6. Legp upgrade to my Ducky Shine
  7. This looks promising for a desk set up. Bit pricey though plus they informed me it would be another 55 pounds just to ship to Australia http://www.joyloc.com/about_joyloc.htm added: the review at SimHQ http://www.simhq.com/_technology3/technology_188a.html
  8. Grats mate, she's beautiful
  9. Check out today's Wingman's Hangar (ep. 24) as Mr Roberts covers repairs in game. He basically says that you'll be able to make some rudimentary repairs to get you planet side but major repairs will have to be done in hangar.
  10. Hope the M50 comes back up for sale again...someone say CANNONBALL RUN?
  11. Evodius

    X-Box One

    So...list of features TVTVTVTV SPORTSSPORTSSPORTS CODCODCOD HIGH RES DOGGY Cheers Light made me laugh
  12. Lol yeah, did that post on the phone and must have hit the post button twice.
  13. Nah its just a bit of thread, no cracks
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