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  1. We’re out of Vanguard and into the 4th Corps. Come and find out what that means, and join us on the next step of the journey.
  2. We had a really great turnout on the weekend, with over 30 players playing in coordination.
  3. We’re building out our specialised squads, so if you want to concentrate on one aspect of gameplay, now is a good time to join in.
  4. There are plenty of new faces in TAW, come and join in because there’s lots of things to do and good people to do them with.
  5. Our military is practicing its drills, we are getting ready for war! Come and fight on our side.
  6. I’m looking forward to getting back to our regular meetings after the holiday break.
  7. Brilliant weekend at CitizenCon, and great to meet some TAW members
  8. Hey everyone, TAW had a great Hammerhead vs Hammerhead fight the other day, footage is up on YouTube.
  9. Great night was had on Sunday, breaking a pirate blockade between Port Olisar and Daymar -
  10. We’re going racing with Rovers and Connies this weekend, it’s going to be mayhem so come and join the fun.
  11. TAW is going to do some serious PvP in the new caves this weekend, come and get involved !
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