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  1. I upgraded my starfarer to the C2, and a year later i dont have any regrets... im sure its going to meet expectations so im not to concerned right now. i plan to do some hauling of vehicles and cargo so this will allow me to do both at the same time. Not necessarily looking for combat or doing combat missions, strictly exploration and transport, so i dont need to upgrade to the A2 or M2.
  2. Good day all, I have been researching and trying to decide what exactly i wanted to use my C2 Hercules for. I am very interested in the capabilities that the ship provides and i want to be able to use it in the Logistics field. I was looking at either being hired to transport military vehicles, weapons and cargo. Depending on the prices of loads, escorts may be in involved with a % of the sales paid to the escorts or the escort company. Any advice on this?
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