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  1. Que

    New citizen

    Thanks Leonn, good to see you too! Just waiting for the application to be approved but it’s your fault that I’m here
  2. Que

    New citizen

    Maybe! That's the most amazing features with this game. The ability to do both solo runs and huge org cooperations. The Carrack was actually the reason I got into SC and since I'm living with a total Star Trek geek I'm 'afraid' I have to buy two gaming VR machines when the game matures. Roleplaying will be a huge part for me at least. Will grow tired of dogfighting way sooner then roleplaying
  3. Que

    New citizen

    Thanks! Yes I'm really interested in how the exploration game mechanic will turn out. But if the verse continue to grow hopefully the needs will be endless. Hopefully there'll be a lot of fun roleplaying when we get there as well
  4. Que

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    Hi. I'm new here and was delighted to find this org with its intentions. Have my small fleet that are mostly focused on industrial and exploration. What I offer is in the areas of planning at a strategical and operational level. See you all in the verse!
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