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  1. Your referring to the physics rework which was completed in November. The point of larger multi scu containers design work was done last year also. Docking and implementation of is the remaining tech hull c is waiting for which is scheduled for 4.0 currently but subject to change. And I heard that direct from a dev.
  2. No they are only waiting on docking tech now. And for stations to have it implemented. It’s on the 4.0 roadmap. Don’t worry I’m waiting too I have ABCDE Hulls.
  3. They have said yes and no several times. Until they make them and release C we won’t know for sure. John Crewe did say that we would be able to control them to partial extensions but the control for it might be harder than they thought or too much bother. Have to wait and see
  4. To be clear $715usd is the cost price of the ship with tax will accept $700usd by EFT Can be done through StarHanger for your peace of mind at $808usd am a Verified Seller. https://star-hangar.com/shop/Star-Emporium Limited Hull E LTI (CCU'd)
  5. MUST GO I am selling through Star Hanger, here's my link have a look https://star-hangar.com/shop/Star-Emporium verified store acct. Must go to a good home... I am not cashing out, I am not a regular seller I just have an issue atm I need money for. 1x Limited LTI Hull E (CCU'd) 808usd verified and safe through SH ( prefered method ) or alternatively 1x Limited LTI Hull E (CCU'd) 700usd if your happy to send payment first by EFT ( as soon as funds clear ship will be gifted ) +61 498 179 337 whatsapp if you have enquiries regarding this.
  6. I got a C2 for tonk and ballista hauling and an A2 for revenge base killing.
  7. They changed this, there is no UEC cap now. There is only a 25k UEC cap purchasable per account per day. I'm currently at 200k UEC startup. Prob take it higher before then as I am a space trucker with several hull series and Carrack and Merchantman etc. Hull B is still a good starter because it can land on planets and 384 scu.
  8. MurderForHire

    Freelancer MAX

    While I agree about the turret struts completely i'm more annoyed about the loss of the nose stairs for Freelancer variants. It's the main thing I liked aesthetically about them. If they do it to the hull series too I will lose my ish.
  9. Im not overly interested in racing, however I love low level canyon stunt flying. Adrenaline rush. M50 is my favourite for this. Worth getting just for this reason alone, plus racing if your into that.
  10. MurderForHire

    Freelancer MAX

    impressive, in there so neatly
  11. waaaaaat, i want one. This could have military applications too. Bigger than the titan suit.
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