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  1. That is fine, however, i actually follow links that get posted as source to support a "fact" and when the other end of the link turns out to not support said "fact" i tend to want to share that finding with the rest, so SCB might keep on being the best Star Citizen site on the web, instead of a place where people get wrong expectations about the game and might end up disappointed. So while the posts might be interesting and fun, i wouldn't call them informative, which, to get back on topic, makes me personally cringe every time. Shouldn't happen anymore anyway since someone mentioned the wonders of the ignore function to me last week i am going to go all Cypher on this issue: Ignorance is bliss......
  2. I answered the OP question in truth, as you've apparently warned me before (don't really recall and have 0 warning posts but meh i believe you) you should know i cringe at VoA's posts, which is what the question in the OP was about. Also if you don't get why i dislike most of his posts (hint, misinformation) what good would reporting it do since none of the mods apparently care about opinions stated as facts? Lastly i dislike the usage of the term grudge, since i have pressed the like button on some of VoA's post (ones that didn't contain made-up facts) i don't dislike VoA i simply dislike anyone who posts misinformation. Sadly VoA seems to have a lot of time on his hands lately (holiday maybe?) which he fills with posting on the forum, which is fine if not 9 in 10 were filled with facts that aren't facts, which apparently means that i now have a grudge?
  3. Solution: stop looking at a games forum at work...... Sent from my work
  4. Version 0.9 = release 13. Version 0.9 should (if all goes to plan) include: Racing mode, new hangars, M50, 350R, leaderboards and first pass at customizable controls. When they said 2 weeks i automatically made that 4 weeks in my brain, and then Chris said "If we can get the leaderboards working properly" so i made it 6 weeks. Nearly 2 weeks have passed so only 4 weeks to go now, yay! =P Anyone actually expecting to be racing tomorrow is either a hopeless optimist or just doesn't know CIG's track record when it comes to release dates =) As for the OP topic i must say that imo the only people who care that they get killed because they hit the wrong button and that having a negative impact on their K/D are sad e-peen obsessed people.
  5. Most of VoA's posts.....
  6. I actually liked 3 better than 2, since i totally hated the concept of the dinos in the city and didn't much like the island part either, i agree that the first one was the best though =)
  7. Don't know, but i think you'll be able to place any weapon that fits, i know it's alien tech but if it can be adapted to take a human pilot it probably can be adapted to take human weapons. For instance i doubt the displays in the Scythe you're able to fly will have displays that are unreadable unless you actually learn the Vanduul language, although that would be extremely cool from an imersion viewpoint =D
  8. I think the Railgun on the Idris will be static, but front facing. Not sure though, it might actually be a turret or articulated....afaik there's no images of it yet
  9. That's the problem right there: If there is one then link to the damn interview where a dev says "yes" instead of linking to a recording where someone says "probably". You're not reporting on CIG changing their mind, you're linking to someone saying "probably" in a post where you say "yes this will happen". And if you can't find the interview again at least let people know it exists before linking to a video which contains no confirmation whatsoever of what you are saying, so they can at least hope you're not pulling the information straight out of your imagination again. It's not rocket science ffs.... Pretty please just learn to use simple words like "i think", "probably", "highly likely" and "i believe" and when providing links try watching them a few times so you're sure they actually confirm what you're stating as facts, instead of making facts out of "probably", and your posts might not be the mess of half-truths and misinformation that i continuously find them to be.
  10. Ah ok, hot "tubs", not "tubes"....now it makes more sense =)
  11. VoA fact finding at its finest
  12. Everyone who labels LTI useless obviously doesn't have an LTI Scythe =P
  13. True it will all be Taco Bell.