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  1. I'm with you, Fizzle. Kennedy and Abrams trashed the franchise with these films. no New Jedi Order... no New Republic... somehow after defeating the Emporer 30 years earlier they're just recycling plots and circumstances... and plots with 50,000 plot holes. I could go on for pages, but first off and on it's face beyond what I already said was trashed ... WTF matters Master Jedi status, Padawans, Knights, etc... when Rey can just go right to Force Level 40 without any experience, pull things out of her ass in proficiency, and then go up against seasoned Force users like Kylo and not be immediately sliced in two. It's all a freaking joke now. If I ever saw Abrams on the street... and this the douche that blew up Vulcan in his first act of rebooting Star Trek previously. What an utter douche.
  2. I'm not seeing this post by CR in searching his posts... have a link? Thanks.
  3. Phonetic Kash ... unfortunately Cash name was taken LOL. Suppose a loot cashe might equally be descriptive. Been around in various levels of activity since 2013. Wing Commander pledge level, with ships focused primarily on Cargo/Trade, Exploration, and the combat ships to protect them. Gamer for many many years. Early retired. Married, one kid who's adult age, living in Texas USA. Looking forward to participating and engaging fully with a community that is active and organized, and keeping pace in developing activities and infrastructure in kind with the development of the game.
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