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  1. Leasing out Luxury ships once Star Citizen fully goes Live! If you or an Org. is interested, come & drop by my Discord area to see what you like. https://discord.gg/72MjWMf
  2. Well, i hate to say it but the UEE is pretty much fighting in the dark against the Vanduul because of not truly knowing how many there are. If the Vanduul clans did unite, that would be the end for humanity.
  3. Greetings Fizzfuss. I definitely appreciate the constructive criticism, no problem & thanks for wathching my video. Will work on the background music, lol, sorry about that. I posted all my research on the Vanduul under the "Description" on the YouTube page. As far as assumptions are concerned, i do believe that the Vanduul have no interest in Humans whatsoever. They manifest this distaste for humans in their fist contact with us. If their running from a bigger threat, that still isnt a good excuse for their actions againt humans. The Vanduul pretty much fits the definition for total warfare sense they are seperated independent clans....Each clan is its own entity or government. Over the 200yrs of fighting engagements with these different clans, their fightings with humanity is Total War.
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    Greetings all. My ingame name in Star Citizen is Remon Engod. I learned about SC around 2015 and immediately jumped on the band wagon because of Chris Roberts. I played some of his earlier games like Wing Commander & they were way ahead of their time. So im really looking forward in seeing how he will build out his dream Star Citizen & so far im amazed! The Base seems like a cool place to chill & listen to some soothing music in the verse so why not park here & chill for a bit, LoL! My main thing in SC will be Exploration & Mining for now. Caint wait for the builds! Remon Engod
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