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  1. Greetings traders. Looking forward to selling these packages, I've had them for a while. Both are listed for $110 each (Reasonable for the rarity, these both also contain SQ42). PayPal will be used. Pm me if you are interested!
  2. Looking for $180, melt value is $140. Pretty rare package! PM if interested.
  3. You bought a pack on the pledge store and then melted it?
  4. Selling this package for $205! Package is valued at $320 Using PayPal, PM me if you are interested!
  5. You would have to sell the whole account, most people won’t want only the separate account
  6. 300i Melt Price: 60 USD Aurora Melt Price: 35 USD My Prices: 300i - 75 USD Aurora - 45 USD Use these packages to get cheap LTI on your ships by upgrading from them! Shoot me a pm if you're interested, I use paypal or bitcoin.
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