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  1. Hi, interest in a ship. PM sent.
  2. Check out BoredGamer's take on GameGlass as well as interviews with the dev's. Really looking forward to this. MM,
  3. Hey all, Due to it's relative infancy, I don't believe many people were aware of SCPADD. If not, they have now rebranded as GameGlass and offer what I think will be an awesome addition to anyones setup for playing SC, among other games. It allows you to use a tablet as an input device, similar to how ROCCAT Power Grid worked, but better. Here is a link to their IndieGoGo page which has their promo video, although I believe that there will be a free version of this product with an option to pay a subscription for additional services. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gameglass-power-up-your-games#/ I backed them through Patreon and should have access to a beta version next month hopefully so can provide some sort of feedback to this product. Have a look and let me know what you think. They have a discord channel also where you can make suggestions/recommendations. If this is not in the right place, please move accordingly. Hopefully this sort of post is allowed. Thanks, MM
  4. Anyone else noticed that salvage V1 has been taken off the roadmap for 3.5 today? It doesn't even appear on 3.6 now so Reclaimer fans may need to wait until Q3 at the earliest to actually try it out properly. Gutted.
  5. I look forward to 3.5 when salvage is hopefully implemented and will hold you to that 😉
  6. Hi all, Just applied to join the Imperium org and looking forward to belonging to what looks like an awesome setup. Personally, I am into trade and running cargo hauls, but will also like to get into reclamation and salvage and the odd combat when needed. I currently only own a Freelancer which I will look to upgrade to the Max now certain features have been fixed, but would love to own a Cat and be crew on a Reclaimer in the Future. In game name is ModestMonkey so send me an invite if anyone needs crew at anytime. I am from the UK and will be on most evenings! Thanks, Modest
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