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  1. Glad you like it and thx for the subscribe 😉
  2. Thx a lot 🙂
  3. Inspired by the awesome "277 shades of Star Citizen", I made this ! Hope you like it !
  4. This game is so awesome !! I hope you will enjoy it 😉
  5. Hello, I tried to make a little machimina, it was really exciting, but so difficult. I have much improvement to go, but here a first one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8eS5zmqZrs
  6. I made a little video about Area 18 - it's a first try, it's not so easy to make long and great views in PTU . So sorry for the quality, but that give a little idea I guess - I hope.
  7. Ooooh yes, so am I :-) And Microtech and cloud Tech too, but for that we have to wait a long time .... Thx for the feedback !
  8. Thx for the feedback ! Yes @Maverick it makes strange sensation but not awful I fell !
  9. Hello, this is my last Timelpase / Hyperlapse form this awesome universe, and I choose Hurston ! Hope you like it !
  10. Hello, A new timelapse about the awesome moons of Crusaders, with the great places to visit ! Enjoy and feel free to support me by voting, leaving a com, liking or subsrcibing ! Thx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yS4dMvdOhw
  11. ... my 3rd timelapse : Take a ride over the 4 Hurston's moons ! Hope you like it, fell free to share it, like it, subscribe or comment it .. ... and of course... happy new year 😉
  12. I use a bot software like Actionaz, and make a loop on a inactive key, like the up arrow, every 30sec. And it works fine, but sometimes you have the error 3000 💀
  13. Thx a lot ! Yes ... the 300i chased me ... with the man on the ground, very funny and a lot of stress ... ahaha ! JumpTown is JumpTown 🙂
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