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  1. So whos gonna Quit every other game when SC finally says they are no longer gonna wipe the verse and finally be open for play?!?!?!? ME!!!! sooo
  2. so one of the main reason i bought 2 hull-es was Arcanus's point, they stated a hull-e was used in the Uee fleet as a capital ship with living pods hangers and such and also it will be able to refit with living pods, extra turrets and such if we chose too, i LOVE the idea of being able to have a ship that i can "pimp" out to my discretion, that would be super cool! but i would have to man it and it would be one of those "end" game or super company ships. i can see your point Forum Lurker, it can be game breaking, but still would be super awesome to make a terrapin into a taco truck, cause there end goal is to take life and put it in space cause of immersion right? then let me have my taco truck or not either way this is gonna be fun :
  3. like a car wash lolololol but 5 bones real money lol
  4. awesome nice guy, super quick and i got what i wanted! super sweet now iam gonna go fly it 100% back this gentleman! or cat....or dead-cat... 😜
  5. roger that seems fair enough you think we are gonna be able to paint our ships? and slap on logos? or did i miss that somewhere in the verse shows lol
  6. ya when the hull series first came out they were mentioning you can make a hull-e into a flaoting city with habitation pods, hangers, added turrets and so on, i WOULD love that to happen so i got one and iam holding onto that dream, for the terrapin, deff now gonna turn it into a taco trcuk....yup gonna do it. lolololol not so much adding cool mad max armor and stuff but lets say take a carrack and instead of exploration turn it into a heavy heavy fighter/support? maybe? or better yet remove the top turret on the warden, not a fan of it, or maybe lower it and enslave it to the pilot?
  7. sooooo on a scale of yes it needs to happen to not gonna happen, do you think we can eventually refit ships to different roles? lets say take the terrapin and make it a cozy little mobile apartment? i would like to see a hull-e as a floating space port honestly
  8. So, i love this ship. cant wait for it to come out. i wanna make it my personal ship since the Hull-E can no longer be retro fitted to be a floating city? confirm or no? whats some good points about the carrack and maybe some links (cause i cant find crud anywhere cause i suck) about what its gonna be able to do? and maybe retro fit the carrack for escort orrrr support? idk.... thoughts? oh and what can be fit in the rear of the carrack? maybe a nova? prolly not but whos hoping lol
  9. So, since i have been flying a lot in 3.3 and now 3.4 i seem to be going all over the system. Sometimes i find it that my ships are at different ports and i dont want to file a claim and then pay to have it "brought" back to the port iam currently in. My question is this, when playing the game when it goes "live" are we going to have a home port we are going to play out of? (carriers? what size can we store in them?) Are we gonna get lazy and leave ships everywhere and just recall them? Would we purposely leave certain ships at certain stations just because of what ships they are? IE hammerhead with the main fleet and guild base? What are our plans as a whole for this? My plan i think would be keep my solo ship and a few others based out of one location and base the bigger ships with the guild? But i honestly hate having my ships everywhere even now with what little ports we can fly outta lolool or if the bigger carriers allow for port storage just home base outta the carrier?
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