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  1. That's a very good question, although I often wonder what then makes the next price jump from M2 to A2 so significant as well so I'm interested in seeing the different between all variants!
  2. I have to say I weren't a huge fan of the "Hercules" series going from the concept art - However seeing the in-game renders I'm starting to like it more and more definitely looking forward to being able to test fly it in-game!
  3. Welcome to Imperium! 👋
  4. This thread is exactly what I needed to get my HCS installed and up and running properly.... Poor Kate has been all alone with no one to talk to for far too long!
  5. I do think that the "Luxury" gameplay elements will be significant in some way shape or form eventually, right now ships like the 890 and the Connie Phoenix are much rarer ships in comparison to other large multi-crew ships like the rest of the Connie line or for the 890 there's not much else in it's class given the size and capital status. The Devs have always said that the 890 will be in limited production "once" in-game and there was a specific number quoted somewhere about the amount of 890's produced and available to buy once the full game is live, so I'm fairly confident that being
  6. Excellent idea, it's nice to have an overview like this. Thanks!
  7. 100%, I couldn't agree more!
  8. Seeing those old concepts really shows just how far the design of the ship has come, the hangar alone was always a mystery whilst a cool idea it was never going to be practical lol. At least now we get the option of having a 300 series sized ship in there as well. I am curious to see the overall colour scheme for the 890 next phase cause I think it could make all the difference!
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