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  1. Kyla

    Complete Polaris

    Thanks to all for your offer, Polaris buy fo 545$ and post complete. Thanks.
  2. Kyla

    Complete Polaris

    Hello All, I want to buy one Polaris LTI, please send me offer. Ccu’d or OC is not important, only the price. Thanks.
  3. Kyla

    Complete WTB Hammerhead

    Hello, Thanks but I Mark this post complete because is done, I buy one Hammerhead for 575$.
  4. Kyla

    Complete WTB Hammerhead

    I WTB Hammerhead, for the moment I found different offer on MrFats and I disucssed as well to buy combo Hammerhead+Caterpillar. For the moment the best price which I have is Hammerhead 550$ and Caterpillar 280$, if i found nothing better...it will be closed soon.
  5. Kyla

    Complete WTB Hammerhead

    Hello, WTB Hammerhead LTI, please send offer Thanks.