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  1. Hello All, I want to sell the ship listed below, all are original concept not CCU’d. If interested PM’d me I will try to respond ASAP. As well to verify my credibility you have the possibility to verify on reddit all my trade https://www.reddit.com/user/Kylarid My local time is UTC+2 · Listed prices includes paypal fees. · Verified paypal users only 1. Standalone Ship - Origin 125a Warbond $80.00 USD LTI QTY0 2. Standalone Ship - Tumbril Ranger CV Warbond $55.00 USD L
  2. Hi All, I WTB one CCU Aquila to Hull E. Please send me your offer. Thanks.
  3. Hello All, I WTB one Pioneer Lti. Please Pm'd me your offer. Thanks.
  4. Thanks to all but Gemini buy begining of the week. The topic need to be closed/Completed
  5. Gemini buying, please close the topic.
  6. Hello all, I WTB a starfarer Gemini. Please Pm'd me your offer. Thanks.
  7. Thanks to all for your offer, Polaris buy fo 545$ and post complete. Thanks.
  8. Hello All, I want to buy one Polaris LTI, please send me offer. Ccu’d or OC is not important, only the price. Thanks.
  9. Hello, Thanks but I Mark this post complete because is done, I buy one Hammerhead for 575$.
  10. I WTB Hammerhead, for the moment I found different offer on MrFats and I disucssed as well to buy combo Hammerhead+Caterpillar. For the moment the best price which I have is Hammerhead 550$ and Caterpillar 280$, if i found nothing better...it will be closed soon.
  11. Hello, WTB Hammerhead LTI, please send offer Thanks.
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