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  1. I'm going to have to be on the yes side of this but only under certain conditions. The randomization took into account your backstory allowing you to pick between certain pairs of parents to derive your custom look from. AND there has to be a body modification office somewhere in the verse that you can go to and pay a ingame currency fee to modify your body to what you want it to be.
  2. sry guys i will be on a cruise to mexico for the day of the dead with the fam.
  3. Cherubum

    New guy.

    welcome nice to see new ppl
  4. so who here actually was able to buy a vega card AND let me know when you get it setup i really want to know how it performs in star citizen. I have been waiting almost 6 years to buy a video card and really want to go with the cheaper vega card than a 1080 ti
  5. Pumped for the new zen processors to come out. Gonna donate my old setup to my son and build anew with a zen processor and the new rx490 i believe or i might wair for the vega 20 gpu to come out. Either way cant wait for new tech
  6. I have to say that salvage and mining falls under exploration and trade. The explorer gets first "dibbs" on the find however if it is too large for them to handle call in backup to help out with the operation whether it be salvage mining or bounty. We are here as a corporation, however from what i understand this does not mean that we have too give everything up that we gain but to be more profitable an explorers best bet is to find the goods have the proper op group come in to collect and move on to the next then repeat, in doing this we can find more salvage, ore, or whatever else and gain a larger profit rather than trying to do it all yourself. Just a personal view..
  7. no competition 1) 315P "exploration ftw" 2) Hornet Tracker "Gotta see em coming" 3) Constellation) "The millenium falcon of SC OH YEAH BABY"
  8. the fx8350 is 200$ i think thats pretty cheap for an awesome cpu which will handle the game just fine
  9. i like it all but you overpayed for the cpu, however that is a personal pref because i am in full belief that amd gives more bang for buck
  10. im running a single 580 on the business hangar and have no lag unless i open up another game on the second monitor. so as far as upgrading everyone should wait until the beta is out and we can hop in the universe
  11. the only thing i dont like about the rhino that the x52 had were all the lights. i kinda want to play in a dark environment since space is dark and it kinda will be more immersive but without lights to see my hotas setup and keyboard i will be in a bit of trouble. however i dont know how many lights there are on the x55 or if it perfectly fine with what it has right now and i just havent seen it in the dark yet.
  12. ya im waiting on the sc stick to be developed ever since they released the poll. i was looking at the x55 rhino
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