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  1. Hi stefmaster

    As I mentioned in the sub forum, I applied for membership and filled out the exam. Was very nervous 🙂 but have not gotten any reply yet. Could you help out?

    best regards


    1. stefmarster


      Hey steeldelete


      HR should have looked into it, should have been done manuelly, but currently there is an update going on on portal, that might interfere with the application.... let me dive into it and I will get back to you ASAP

    2. Nevermore


      It should say Imperium Member if you look at your profile or under your nickname.

  2. Hi I'm steeldelte and I'm afraid of flying 😬 I fly mostly WWII sims, since two weeks I try out the vers. It is huuge! Can't wait to set up my Joystick and Throttle. I have an Avenger Stalker (still need to get rid of 3 prison cells though) Nice being here with the best of the best. 😀
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