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  1. Greetings, I'm Marius, 22 from Germany. It took me a long time to write anything here, but I thought that introducing myself was the best way to get you to know or to find a unity. My English is a bit rusty, but I chose an international organization because I want to improve my English and fly my ship with another Citizen in English. The second reason, I'm here in imperium because it has so many members. I'm motivated to build the empire with all of you that everyone will remember when people talk about Star Citizen. The third reason is of course: brothers, FOR THE EMPERRROOOOORRRRR !!!! My plans for Star Citizen are: To play as a DropShip (Hercules / Valkyrie), to be the captain of a larger ship like a destroyer, and to give support strikes with heavy bombers. Maybe I'll be able to be a unit leader, if so I'll start a Warhammer unit. ^^ Best regards, Dingodile/Marius
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