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  1. The more I read about this the more Crytek appears to be a sniveling baby. It's actually kinda sad. They're just blackmarking themselves in the gaming community at this point. When you have a case completely dismissed it means you have no merit. You brought a case with nothing but your own shoddy contract that got dismantled right in front of you. While that's shameful enough, doing the legal equivalent of "But...but...but!!! LOOK HERE!!!! IT SAYS A THING AND I THINK THAT THING THAT DID QUALIFIES AS A THING!!!!!! I WANT MORE LAWSUITS!!!" while wiping your running nose will do nothing but piledrive your image into the mud. Crytek made some amazing stuff, it isn't anyone elses fault they couldn't hang. As for licensing out StarEngine, I kinda hope they do. But I wouldn't be surprised if it's years down the line. Hell, DICE rarely even allows people to use Frostbite. I mean they claim it's "too complex for normal users" (which is extremely insulting) but I believe that it's to hold on to their piece of the market. I wouldn't bat an eye if CIG held StarEngine to itself and never released it. Not wholly uncommon but it has the potential to change the space Genre forever.
  2. We're all willing to help here. As far as I'm aware there isn't a "skill level" required to be here. You could be the most trash pilot in exist but have a passion for exploring or running cargo. You just need to be willing to commit to the up and up lifestyle and not willingly commit crime or mayhem and of course learn and respect the tenants of the imperium and you'll fit in just fine. Everyone here was new at some point and no one will hold it against you in any way.
  3. I'll get in on if I'm available during the timeframe!
  4. Welcome to the verse! If you haven't already done so, go check out the IAE on Hurston.
  5. I swear they said they fixed this nonsense. It was a big deal back in the day and they were ecstatic when they fixed it.
  6. Ahh yes. The Idris with it's "punch the capital ship in the junk" rail gun. Only the M models have those if I recall but it's possible to maybe-sorta-kinda find one of those in the wild and attach it to your Idris. Or so the boys at CIG hinted to in their AEGIS video. Evidently all Idris variants have the hardpoint for that rail gun but only the M comes with it standard. And yes. It is a Size 10 ballistic behemoth. Honestly, they got the atmosphere down for a convention. Hopefully they build on this.
  7. You shouldn't have to worry about that. The Imperium has a strict anti-piracy standpoint and members shouldn't ever be engaging in piracy, or so says our bylaws anyway. Enjoy your time in the verse and I hope to see you around! And remember, The sun never sets
  8. I'd probably put 3 Mantis's on it and just call it the lawn mower, cause that's what it'll sound like. And... well.... chainguns.
  9. I grabbed one of these the second I saw it. I traded in my beloved Argo and an X1 for it. I WILL HAVE YOU AGAIN, ARGO! I played around with it in Vanduul swarm and I really like the way it maneuvers and it can be upgraded to be quite a nasty beast (removing the gimbals and having fixed S3 weapons, i believe it'll be S3). It isn't meant to take hits but it sure as grass can give them if you leave it alone.
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