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  1. Do you happen to have a place where i can read up more on all this kinda of stuff? I hate to just ask the same questions that hundreds of others have
  2. Would that be for UEC and only for like 2 hours or some amount of time per rent then?
  3. Thanks mate. Makes sense, no point in designing a specific class of ship if everyone could just make their own little guy ship into pure utility.
  4. Hey all, long time backer and not so avid follower of Star Citizen, and i just wanted to see if somestuff is in the game or known to become part of the game: 1. Can you modify any ship, such as the Aurora CL or other freighter/cargo ship to have a mining laser+tracter beam for mining operations? Or is it just the ships in the "mining" category 2.As a supporting player that is terrible in combat, I had envisioned helping my guild after piracy/dog fighting as a scavenger in the wreckage. Is this going to be a niche thing, and is there a ship already for this?
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