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  1. Unfortunately I probably wont make it tonight. Have to redownload the PTU.
  2. Cool, ill try and be there for it.
  3. Tbh I was hoping that this thing would be (despite the name) an absolute brick. We already have a number of glass cannons.
  4. Nice video. I actually accepted my first mission for it yesterday, and it required 14 people to eliminate for some reason. As its PTU of course, when I got there there wasn't a single soul to be found. Not even a dead body. Ah well
  5. Having both the Valkyrie and the Vanguard Hoplite, I'm hoping that both arent able to carry SCU in the future. While it does make sense for something like the Valk to have cargo (a large military spec dropship wouldnt just be limited to carrying vehicles and troops in real life), the main issue the the game is, if it did it would invalidate a lot of the medium size multi function ships that are currently in game, or cargo vessels that are currently in production. I guess im also hoping the Hoplite has a greater operational range than the Valk as well, otherwise bar having the greater capability to defend itself its usefulness is questionable (not forgetting the Prowler of course).
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