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  1. I pledge for OPOA STY that comes with the ridiculous AOPOA Scout as loaner. Do you think is a good Idea melt it and get SH Heartseeker until STY is finshed and holding it as buyback? Prices are the same, you can exchange STY Warbound for SH2-6 Months insurance. BTW. Is the SH Heartseeker a limited time ship, or will be a regular one?
  2. Code redeemed. Thanks to Pang818, fast delivery. Good seller!!
  3. Bump 70$ PayPal Fees Included
  4. I want to buy a code. I'd pay 60$ or best offer. Reputable & trusted seller required. PayPal verified. My nick is the same here, in Reddit, and also in SC. Serious seller + serious buyer = always great & safe deals.
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